Giving back is as important to us as it is to our clients

We are proud and honoured to partner with these amazing charities & projects

Our ‘why’...

As part of our vision of giving back here at Kingsland, we have partnered with SITraN – which conducts advanced genetic research into the causes of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Motor Neurone disease (MND).

1.5m people

Will be affected by 2050 (or 25% of the over 80 years old population)

250 clinical trials

By a team of 100 PhD graduates to date, and 35 commercial partners

300 researchers

Delivering 8 patents applications, with 100+ working on dementia

The Kingsland Research Fellowship – SITraN Sheffield

Founded in 2010 by Dame Professor Pamela Shaw, (pictured: centre/right) the Institute has already led nearly 250 clinical trials through its team of nearly 100 PhD graduates to date, and its 35 commercial partners.

And from its formal inception in 2019, the ‘Kingsland post-doctoral Research Fellowship’ has specifically funded the PhD work of Tobias Moll (pictured above) and supported the critical work of Dr. Johnathan Cooper-Knock. It looks into the genome-sequencing and disease causing RNA binding-mutations that cause MND. Diseases, it is forecast, that will affect over 1.5M people in the UK, or 25% of the over 80 years old population, by 2050…

Following global collaboration with institutes in Chicago, Uppsala and Sao Paulo – SITraN has also developed breakthrough stem-cell therapy treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) sufferers. (The leading cause of disability in young adults, affecting 110,000 people in the UK currently.)

In their spare time throughout the 2020 pandemic, SITraN were also key collaborators within the UK scientific community, and its’s rapid development of world-leading Covid-19 vaccines!

We recently visited the SITraN team (led by Dame Shaw and Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts: pictured) and our Founder/Chairman, Shaun Dixon, was delighted to commit to another 3 years support for the team, as well as our aim to contribute significantly to the adjacent construction of expanded research laboratories at SITRaN-2.

We are also proud to be a champion of another key local charity – Hope House Children’s Hospices – only the World’s 10th such facility when it first opened, and now supporting over 750+ local families.

We were delighted recently to donate another significant sum, generated from our on-going fund-raising events, to support the recently re-opened on-site family dining facilities there…