Our process...

We know that achieving financial ‘peace of mind’ can be a daunting and at times overwhelming task without expert help. That’s why we always focus on getting to know you and your goals, thoroughly – via our programme of ongoing reviews and regular check-ins – before jointly building a plan together, using our market-leading ‘lifetime cash-flow’ modelling. Of course we can advise on everything from tax planning and inheritance, to investments and retirement strategies – but we have found that what our clients are really seeking from their financial partner is the “ 4x C’s “


The value of Kingsland’s specialised expertise goes well beyond investment selection and asset allocation. We take pride and great care to help clients define their investment goals, identify their concerns, and then create holistic wealth-management plans to fulfil their life’s objectives. This can include financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, and charitable gifting.


Our ‘second opinion’ coaching methodologies aim to impart knowledge about investing and other financial matters to our clients, which can then translate into greater objectivity and discipline. By partnering with a Chartered professional who truly gets to know and understand them, our clients can then make realistic financial and investment decisions in the context of a bias and stress free environment.


Staying constantly abreast of the changing landscape of financial planning, pensions, investments, taxes, and other regulatory matters requires time, expertise, and resources. We also coordinate with other service providers, including custodians and asset managers, using our integrated ‘Intelligent Office’ technology. The convenience of delegating the personalised management of financial and investment strategies to a trusted professional, allows our clients to spend more time doing more important things – like work, play and creating memories with those important to them!


Kingsland’s fully Chartered financial planners can assist in planning and preparing for life’s uncertainties, and help clients ‘stay on track’ when the unexpected occurs. Our clients’ goals and circumstances evolve, and our structured approach helps clients understand these new challenges and opportunities with greater clarity. Indeed, some of our 1,000+ clients have been with us for more than 20 years now, with their children and grandchildren now joining the Kingsland fold.